Private Collectors

Independent and proactive

As an independent insurance broker we only act in the interests of our customers. We thoroughly analyze the risk based on the insured capital, the security measures, the nature of the work of art and the risk situation, giving us a detailed view of your needs. We negotiate with all solid insurance companies a cover that is fully tuned to your needs. Our policies are tailor-made. 

Experienced and discreet.

We are specialists in the field of art insurance. More than five decades of experience are the foundation of our activity. Insure art requires a strong financial background, but also "fingerspitsengefühl". We have the know-how and creativity for insurance solutions that cater to every individual risk situation. 
You can count on discretion.

We offer a complete service:

  • Establishment of policies (in ENG, NL or FR) and insurance certificates (free of charge)
  • Policy All Risks (possible coverage for second residence)
  • No deductible
  • In agreed value
  • Worldwide
  • Bonus No Claim
  • Terrorism Coverage
  • Claims handling

ICon, the solution to insure your art

  • iCon focuses on a competitive mix of terms, conditions and price
  • iCon offers a complete solution. Due to our knowledge and experience, you can count on us even for the most difficult claim
  • iCon provides provides support for estimates of art objects